Client testimonials

Sadi, October 2015

After Sadi’s first session,

‘My introduction to the therapy by Sherry felt welcoming and professional. This was an entirely new experience for me. I felt myself in a ‘semi-sleep’, experiencing dream-like sequences.  I felt as though my body was talking to me, communicating. I have been feeling great since my first treatment and generally I am feeling tip-top. The headache I came with lasted about a day then left. All week my body has felt vibrant and clear.’
After Sadi’s fifth session,

‘I have been thinking about the healing process that the cranial therapy is helping me with. I am becoming clearer in realising what I want and need for myself in order to move forward. I definitely feel I am going through a transitional process and getting stronger because of it. I felt great after my last session with Sherry – I am moving away from feelings of guilt and releasing myself from unnecessary responsibility for others. I am sure these emotional healings are because of the cranial sacral therapy so thank you so very much.’

Barbara, March 2016
I had a wonderful experience, different from my experience in other Craniosacral sessions.
Sherry created such a warm and safe environment, I felt like I was in a cocoon and able to let go and open up and have a very deep experience, sometimes beyond what I have ever felt before in a treatment.
What was surprising for me was that it was not only a treatment for my physical ailments but also an emotional, psycho-therapeutic one which I hadn’t anticipated.
I can highly recommend Sherry’s treatment to whoever is looking for someone really skilled, trustworthy and professional in this kind of treatment’.

Sula, January 2016

After Sula’s first session,

I felt a deep sense of peace. My usual role is to be the giver, the carer for others. I was able to let go and receive.’

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